About BridgeBrooke

We are located at 725 Joralemon Street, Belleville, NJ, approximately 11 miles from NYC. There are 250 condo units, each with its own one-car garage. Our grounds are maintained weekly by a landscape service, giving it a park-like setting. The property is managed by Patrician Associates.


The pool opens on Memorial day weekend and closes Labor day. It is available to Bridgebrooke residents who are current with their maintenance fees. Renters are allowed if their landlord transfers the pool membership to them. You are allowed up to three guests for a fee. You must register and have your photo taken by our Super for pool admittance. Our pool is Maintained by jvolpe Pool Services llc..


There are six laundry rooms located in the center walk of the complex. Each room has four regular size washers, one XL washer, four dryers, and folding tables. All machines use electronic debit cards for payment. Card machines, for adding credit to, are located in laundry rooms 1, 3 and 5, cards can be obtained in machines. Take a look at our property map to find room locations.


All condo units come with a one-car garage. Visitor parking is in the front of the property and is only for visitors. If you need an extra parking space, please call the Super's office. Numbered parking spaces are reserved by home owners who pay a monthly fee. Please adhere to parking signs. If you are towed, or need a car towed, call AJACO towing company.

"Ajaco is our new towing company. Please-Do not let your guest get their car towed, Have them park in visitor parking.


Garbage collection

GREEN Dumpsters are emptied twice a week. Appliances, such as refrigerators, sinks, and toilets, should be left on the side of the dumpsters. Sofas, mattresses, and other furniture, should also be left outside of a dumpster. Construction materials should NOT be put in the dumpsters.


Paper, Plastic & Aluminum Cans: Please rinse out cans and containers before placing in bins. Break up cardboard to smaller pieces before putting in the bins

Electronics: Staples, located at the Clifton Commons, accepts used phones and computer batteries.



Patrician Assoc.

24 hrs, 7 days

(973) 284-0900


John Vargas

8am - 5pm

(973) 751-2445

Towing Service


24 hrs, 7 days

973 882-5576


Anthony Mongello

8am - 5pm only

(973) 751-2445

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